Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale Collection


گزيده اي از بهترين داستانهاي هانس کريستين اندرسن نويسنده مشهور دانمارکي

تعداد فصول25
تعداد قطعات صوتی2469

پخش با زیرنویس

Title Length Play with Subtitle
01-In a Thousand Years 04:23
02-The Tinder Box 17:32
03-The Little Match Seller 08:26
04-The Brave Tin Soldier 10:06
05-The Princess And the Pea 02:22
06-The Ugly Duckling 29:01
07-The Emperor's New Suit 11:00
08-The Red Shoes 13:38
09-Two Maidens 04:46
10-A Leaf From Heaven 07:36
11-In The Uttermost Parts Of The Sea 06:35
12-The Saucy Boy 05:09
13-Great Claus and Little Claus 27:21
14-The Daisy 10:23
15-The Girl Who Trod On The Loaf 13:36
16-The Angel 06:07
17-The Buckwheat 04:19
18-The Darning Needle 08:58
19-The Bell Deep 10:09
20-The Elf Of The rose 11:59
21-The Beetle Who Went On His travels 16:19
22-The Pea Blossom 09:37
23-The Fir Tree 18:13
24-What The Old Man Does Is Always Right 13:36
25-The Butterfly 07:48