Wuthering Heights


رمان صوتي بلندي هاي بادگير اثر اميلي برونته که براي زبان آموزان سطح 5 بازنوشته شده است

تعداد فصول18
تعداد قطعات صوتی1557

پخش با زیرنویس

Title Length Play with Subtitle
Chapter 1-Mr Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights 11:59
Chapter 2-Catherme Ernshaw's room 13:06
Chapter 3-Ellen Dean's story - Catherme and Heathcliff as children 05:39
Chapter 4-Catherine Earnshaw gets to know the Lintons 13:53
Chapter 5-Catherine and Edgar 07:49
Chapter 6 -Heathcliff disappears 13:07
Chapter 7-Heathcliff returns 11:22
Chapter 8-Catherine is ill 14:19
Chapter 9-Isabella's story 11:30
Chapter 10-Heathcliff visits Catherine for the last time 10:55
Chapter 11-Isabella escapes 08:03
Chapter 12-Bringing up Cathy 09:25
Chapter 13-Heathcliff's son at Wuthering Heights 09:17
Chapter 14-Secret visits 09:16
Chapter 15-A trap 19:04
Chapter 16-Cathy becomes a widow 06:28
Chapter 17-Mr Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights again 08:44
Chapter 18-Heathcliff's end 13:24