Jane Eyre


رمان مشهور و زيباي جين اير اثر شارلوت برونته در 25 فصل براي زبان آموزان سطح 6 خلاصه و بازگويي شده است.

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پخش با زیرنویس

Title Length Play with Subtitle
Chapter 1-The red room 11:55
Chapter 2-Leaving Gateshead 11:00
Chapter 3-My first impressions of school 07:37
Chapter 4-Making a friend 05:16
Chapter 5-Mr. Brocklehurst's visit and its results 09:38
Chapter 6-Learning to like school 03:43
Chapter 7-Thornfield and Mr. Rochester 08:29
Chapter 8-Getting to Know Mr. Rochester 10:25
Chapter 9-Mr. Rochester's past 06:34
Chapter 10-The mystery of Grace Poole 05:36
Chapter 11-The Thornfield house-party 09:04
Chapter 12-The gipsy woman 06:40
Chapter 13-The stranger is attacked 07:20
Chapter 14-Trouble at Gateshead 08:10
Chapter 15 -The future Mrs. Rochester 09:53
Chapter 16-Preparing for the wedding 08:07
Chapter 17-The wedding day 07:32
Chapter 18-Mr. Rochester's explanation 12:45
Chapter 19-Finding shelter 05:21
Chapter 20-A new home 05:55
Chapter 21-Mr. Rivers' sacrifice 09:00
Chapter 22-Sudden wealth 09:20
Chapter 23-A voice from the past 09:27
Chapter 24-Returning to Thornfield 02:28
Chapter 25-Finding Mr. Rochester again 08:49